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124 Comeau Crescent | $649,900

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Red Flags To Avoid When Buying A New Home

Home Warning Signs

Buying a new home can be exciting. It can get so fun that home buyers (especially first-timers) often overlook certain warning signs that cost them financially. Here are a few significant tips to avoid these red flags and what signs should you watch out for when buying a new home.

Foundation issues, wood or not, are a good example of what you might want to look out for. A recent post from Elika Real Estate explains why foundational problems are such a big deal:

Foundation Issues

When buying a new home, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of it and overlook some important things. The key is to minimize costs. If a homeowner can sell a home without spending thousands of dollars on repairs they probably will. After all, they want to make the most on their home investment as well.

The foundation is perhaps the most important component of a home. A problem with the foundation can cost thousands to correct the problem. When looking at a home be aware of the foundation. If it has a basement it’s very easy to check for cracks in the foundation. You can find other tell-tale signs by checking the doorframes throughout the house or apartment. If they don’t seem quite square or have difficulty closing it suggests problems with the structure. Via elikarealestate.com

Structural problems are common issues. If you don't feel confident with the house then it's best to have an inspector look at it.

[caption id="attachment_28684" align="aligncenter" width="300"] A home that has foundation issues is a huge red flag![/caption]

Next in our list of red flags is strange smells or odors. Smells are hard to erase after years of settling, so pay attention:

Strange Smells

Red flags to watch out for when buying a new home: When it comes to viewing the numerous Highland Park homes for sale in Los Angeles, it’s important you make the right choice. For example, one of the most common mistakes people make is going too fast through the escrow process. Only fools rush in, so it’s important that you take a deep breath and take the necessary time to look into making the best purchase.

When you turn up to tour the home, use your nose as much as your eyes and ears. Look for odd smells, or look for rooms with the windows wide open – particularly in winter. It usually shows they are trying to hide something they would rather hide or not discuss. Find out what it is first and foremost. Sometimes, it’s down to issues like this that the current owner can’t solve. Don’t let them pass that off to you! h/t silverlakeblog.com

A foul smell indicates that there is an issue with the house that the owner could be hiding. It's also a good idea to ask the owner, as they may be nose blind and unaware of the scent.

Lastly, location. Real estate is all about location, and even if you've found your ideal home, the neighborhood is worth a think:

Neighboring Properties

Buying a home is an exciting time. It is hard not to get caught up in the hype and fall in love with every property you see. While your homebuyer may have found what they believe is a hidden gem of a property, there are some particular red flags that you, as their real estate agent, need to warn them about.

Whether it is the location of the property or the internal structure of the home that is cause for concern, if a red flag reveals itself to you, it’s a good idea to let your client down easy and warn them of the potential problems they may be getting themselves into.

The way the properties surrounding a home are maintained can affect the resale value. When you go to tour the home, check if the next-door neighbors have a dog that’s constantly barking, and is that something that bothers you? There are many things about the neighborhood that you won’t be able to change, so be sure to observe the area as a whole. read more at forbes.com

When you're buying a home, take note that you're also buying into the neighborhood, in a way. This is why due diligence is important.

When buying, keep your eyes peeled for warning signs, and tell your agent of any concerns you have. If you have a dependable buyer's agent, your chances of making a costly mistake are sharply reduced.

The following post Red Flags To Avoid When Buying A New Home was originally seen on The A-Team, RE/MAX Fort McMurray

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First Time Selling? Here’s What to Expect

Selling for the First Time

Maybe you’ve been in your home a few years, and your life has changed? You’re out of space. You need a yard. Or perhaps, you’ve got an opportunity elsewhere in Canada and it’s time to say goodbye to your treasured home, even though it’s perfect for your family.

Whatever your story, let’s just say it’s your first time selling a property. There’s plenty of tips out there for first time buyers, but what about you, the first time seller? Well...

Here’s what you can expect:

1) Awesomeness

Before we get to the spooky stuff, let's start with the positive! We will:

  • give you all the best info, then,
  • if you’d like us to, we’ll sell your home - without question we will do that for you, and for as much money as the market will bear.

If you feel like your experience is anything less than perfect, please feel free to hold us accountable. We’ll make it up to you.

2) It’s Not Always Stress-Free

Buying a home, if done right, is generally stress-free. In fact, most of the time, it is a pile of fun. It’s for this reason, that first-time sellers sometimes go into the process with an expectation that it might be a bit of a breeze.

Selling doesn’t have to be brutal, but the nature of this beast is just fundamentally different to buying. The main reason, I think, is that when you bought your home, you probably weren’t nearly as emotional about it as you are now (eek)!

I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t be as chilled out as you were when you got the keys to your first home :/

3) Hard Truths

Moving is exciting. Your planned life & lifestyle is likely better than your current one. You have reasons for moving, and so it must be a good thing!

But there can also be some pain points...

For example, there may be things about your home, that buyers may not love the way you do. Some of the feedback you’ll receive will hurt. The best, most professional listing agents will be able to predict these and let you know in advance of the listing...these might even be things that can be addressed up front. Your agent’s role is to present your home in the best possible light, and that begins at the listing presentation, where they will (sensitively) give you all kinds of real advice.

Try to view your home for a moment as if it is not yours (this is incredibly hard to achieve). There are good and bad elements to all homes, and every product has a market value.

Going into your listing presentation with an open mind will help enormously.

4) Expect The Unexpected

Prepare for the worst, and expect the best.

A positive mental attitude really helps in this industry, so ready your home for every showing as if it’s going to be your last and let’s work together with energy to sell this puppy. We’ll take care of phenomenal photography, twilight front photos, the most incredible in-house videography money can buy, and the best social media platform in town. We’ve sold many many homes in multiple offers this way and we might well make that happen for you.

But our listing agents will also keep you abreast of the market, your competition, home values, feedback, and how well your home is doing in terms of social media interaction and foot traffic.

We’re proud of how accurately we price homes, but while we’re some of the best around (we have an appraiser on our team), we’re also human, and markets change, so you’re going to want to be prepared to adjust the price if necessary. You have your goals & timelines, and we’re here to give you advice that’s in your best interests, so that you ( the boss) can make the decisions which enable you to reach those goals.

The blog post First Time Selling? Here’s What to Expect is available on www.ateamymm.ca

209 Stonecreek Landing | $859,900

Watch on YouTube here: 209 Stonecreek Landing | $859,900
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